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The Story Of This Cat And Chicken Hiding Out Together During Wildfire Is Touching The Internet's Heart


If different species can hang together, why can't human beings be just as civil?

Perhaps that's a bold question, but seeing a cat and a chicken seeking comfort in each other's company during a catastrophe shows that civility is not all that impossible to achieve.

As the Carr wildfire blazed across Northern California's Shasta Valley region, Grass Valley firefighters stumbled upon a pair of survivors huddled together in the doorway of a home.

According to KTLA, both suffered minor burns and were tended to as the crew members provided them with a bowl of water.

Eventually, both animals were coaxed into a cage together and taken to a vet.

Saving the cat.(@Elias_Funez/Twitter)

The animals are expected to make a full recovery.(@Elias_Funez/Twitter)

Twitter had high praise for the firefighters who rescued the duo.

Many saw the surviving animals as a reflection of how humans should get along with each other.

After the rescued animals made the news, many people wanted to adopt them in case their owners weren't found.

According to Yubanet, the Grassland firefighters were assigned to OES Engine 334 as part of OES Strike Team 4806A to the Carr Fire on July 26. They spent the next 24 hours providing structure defense to damaged areas in the Redding region.

Grass Valley OES 334 discovered the cat and the chicken on the second day of deployment while patrolling areas with damaged structures as a result of the devastating conflagration.

Officials told the news station that the Carr Fire is the sixth most destructive in California history.

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