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Capitol Rioter Whines To Judge That His Ankle Monitor Beeps Too 'Loudly' Around Potential Clients

Capitol Rioter Whines To Judge That His Ankle Monitor Beeps Too 'Loudly' Around Potential Clients
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A man who was arrested for participating in the January 6 inusrrection at the United States Capitol has gone before a judge to complain the beeping of his ankle monitor is disrupting his ability to do business.

Gabriel Augustin Garcia, a member of the Proud Boys extremist organization who have been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), has been wearing the ankle monitor as a condition of his release.

Attorneys representing Garcia claimed the ankle monitor was a "work hazard" and "unsafe" in a recent legal filing asking the conditions of his release be changed.

The attorneys said:

"Also, the monitor has randomly started beeping loudly around potential clients, immediately followed by an embarrassing phone call from pretrial services asking for his exact location."

They also reported Garcia nearly fell from a ladder when the ankle monitor became caught on one of it's rungs while he was climbing.

It didn't take long for Twitter to begin roasting the man.

Garcia, a former Florida Republican congressional candidate, faces multiple charges in relation to his participation in the January 6 Capitol riot. These charges include entering a restricted building and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

He posted video of himself and other rioters on social media which included him taunting Capitol police.

He yelled:

"You ain't stopping a million. You ain't gonna hold a million back today. Sorry. Ain't holding a million of us. And there's more! [...] USA! Storm this sh*t!"

Garcia attempted to defend his membership in the Proud Boys during an interview with the Miami Herald earlier this year.

"I'm upset we were called a hate group when you have antifa beating up on elderly people coming out of Trump rallies, burning down police cars. You'll never see any of us do that."