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Canadian Man Saves Baby Bald Eagle From Drowning To Prove To Infant Son That He's 'Cool'

Canadian Man Saves Baby Bald Eagle From Drowning To Prove To Infant Son That He's 'Cool'

While the USA continues its downward spiral into destruction, Canada continues doing fairly well by comparison with a heavy dose of ironic symbolism to cap it off.

Brett Bacon—of Calgary, Alberta—and his family were boating across Lake Windermere in British Columbia.

Bacon then spotted a bird struggling to keep its head above water.

The bird turned out to be a fledgling bald eagle.

The juvenile bald eagle—which is gigantic despite being less than a year old—flails and tries to escape his grip after he gets it out of the water. But he holds tight even as it sinks a talon into his arm.

His infant son looks on as his wife takes over driving the boat.

The irony that a Canadian man saved a bald eagle—the emblem of the United States Of America—from drowning on the 4th of July was not lost on some folks on social media.

Once Bacon and his family reached shore with the eagle, the bird was taken into custody by officials to be cared for and rehabilitated so it could be released back into the wild.

Bacon told The New York Post:

"I have some American friends up here celebrating Independence Day."
"I think that's a pretty good little bit of karma."

Canada is currently mostly closed to the United States, having shut down the shared border between the two countries due to concerns about the United States' infection rate in the ongoing pandemic.

The "bald eagle drowning" image is powerful for that reason as well as many others.

As for his son that he was trying to impress?

"He was so unfazed...Our little guy didn't even make a peep."
"So, I'll have to show that video to them when he's a little older."

Everyone else is certainly impressed enough to make up for that.