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Teen Sparks Family Drama After Lashing Out At His Sister For Forcing Their Family To Move Because She's Being Bullied

Teen Sparks Family Drama After Lashing Out At His Sister For Forcing Their Family To Move Because She's Being Bullied

Redditor "OpenCranberry0" will be a high school senior next year and built up an impressive resume with involvement in various clubs and athletic teams.

But there's one thing standing in his way to successfully obtaining a scholarship into a top international university—his younger sister.

His sister had been a constant victim of bullying at school and convinced their parents to uproot the family across the state next year.

The OP was furious and downplayed his sister's abuse at school, accusing her of being too much of a "coward to face her problems."

He also called her a "selfish c**t."

The OP asked AITA (Am I the A**hole) for lashing out as a result of moving because of his bullied sister.

"I'm in a similar situation to a viral post, which inspired me to write this."
"My sister (16) has been bullied by 2 girls, Sarah and Jessica over the past couple months."
"They share one class together. I'm 17 and next year is my senior year. Ive been in this city for the entirety of high school and I love it here, I'm the founder of the hiking club where we usually pull up about 40 kilos of garbage every time we go hiking and I'm the captain of the rugby team."
"I'm trying to get a scholarship at the top university in another country and I'm absolutely sure i can get it."

But there was a wrench in the teen's plans.

"My sister however, has been constantly complaining about how she's being bullied. Its never physical, its just some girls occasionally say mean things to her in person and occasionally online, some of which i feel like she might deserve a bit."
"Like one time where she got everyone in trouble because she refused to admit to cheating off other people on a test (she cheated off of them and copied their wrong answers word by word, teachers couldn't figure out who cheated on who and punished the whole class). School counselors tried to bring my sister and her bullies to talk it out."
"My sister demands we move because of how 'stressful' it is here and how much it sucks."

Everything he worked hard for began to crumble at the prospect of transferring schools.

"My parents decided that next year we will and i told my parents there's no way I'm moving, i have one year left here and I'm not moving to another school and lose everything I've worked for here, Rugby team captain, honor roll, Hiking club president, and i feel like i could be on student council next year not to mention my gf and all my friends here."
"My parents want to move us across state (they've been wanting to but promised me they'd wait until we finished high school) and i told them no f'king way I'm doing that at a dinner discussion and I told my sister she's a selfish c**t for trying to uproot our lives because she can't f'g stand up for herself or take some criticism."

The rage was real as the OP continued their diatribe.

"This bullying sucks but so f'king what, its a part of life and she's too much of a coward to face her problems so she's fleeing at our expense."
"My parents said that if i don't live with them then we're done and I'm no longer a part of their lives."
"This seems to be some threat to get me to change but f'k them for siding with my sister on this. F'k my sister too, you hear this Veronica, yeah F'K YOU. I plan on moving with my gf in the next week or so."

In an update, the OP continued and compared his experiences as a victim of bullying.

"EDIT: my sister b*tches about a rude comment that she deserves once or twice a week at most, instead of ignoring the person saying them or standing up for herself she decides all of us need to move and accommodate her."
"I was bullied severely in middle school, parents didn't do sh*t they told me to handle it on my own, and thats what i did i stood up for myself, i offered to help my sister and she refuses and tells me to go away."
"Also i think its worth mentioning my sister refuses to go to any schools nearby because they don't have ballet clubs there so we have to go to a faraway school with one."

Anonymous strangers on the internet weighed in by declaring:

  • NTA - Not The A**hole
  • YTA - You're The A**hole
  • ESH - Everyone Sucks Here
  • NAH - No A**holes Here

Redditors' responses were all over the map, starting with the distinction that ESH.

"ESH. Damn! All of you suck."
"I think what you all need is some family counseling. You all need talk without getting angry at each other." – nomnomkeen
"ESH. You suck for the way you handled it, and your parent and sister suck for thinking moving is an acceptable solution."
"If you move, what is to say that she is not going to be bullied there either, it could be worse. Also what are the chances that she will be in the same classes as them next year."
"Instead of telling her to stop being a coward, maybe help her stand up to her bullies, or you defend her yourself and tell the bullies (nicely) to stop bothering her. (The last thing your sister needs is for her brother to be bullying and calling her names too)."
"On the other hand, I understand how mad you are. I have one year of high school left, and I would be EXTREMELY upset if I had to go to a different school."
"My suggestion is to sit your family down and calmly explain to them why you do not want to leave school, why your sister needs to stand up to her bullies, and if you decide to help your sister, what you are going to do to help."
"Also suggest to your sister that if they are bullying her online, to block them or something."
"I wish you and your family the best of luck!" – hsob79

This Redditor agreed with the OP and called the sister a "coward."

"She should owned up to being the sole cheater and not dragged other kids down."
"She has shown she is a coward and selfish before, no reason to not think she is with trying to move. And a person that behaves like this is probably because the parents have treated her this way."
"I am not victim blaming but actions have consequences."
"If you drag innocent people down with you for cheating when you are solely to be blamed, you are going to be ostracized. That will rightfully cause people to not like you because that can affect their life's because you are to chicken sh*t to admit you are wrong." – Clever_Word_Play

In response to the sister being called out, this person kept a skeptical point of view.

"Have you ever heard the term unreliable narrator? How can OP who admits isn't close with his sister know for a fact she cheated?" – reble02

For what it's worth, this person didn't agree with the OP's reaction but still offered empathy.

"NAH, this was posted by a 17 year old who is about to have his entire existence ripped out from under him."
"Obviously he doesn't want to move, him moving might actually destroy his chances at going to the school he wants. It might ruin his chances at having as good a resume as his might have."
"This decision might have severe repercussions for his future and it is incredible insensitive of his parents to want to take that away from him and even going so far as to threaten to cut him off for wanting to keep his life and the opportunities he has worked to create for himself."
"I get that he perhaps isn't reacting as well as he could to the bullying his sister is receiving, but there is nothing stopping his parents taking some responsibility for both their kids and not putting the happiness of one so plainly above the others."
"He is absolutely NTA."

What are your thoughts on this family drama?

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