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Buffalo Wild Wings Manager Killed, 10 Others Hospitalized After Toxic Chemical Exposure


Burlington, Massachusetts saw an unexpected tragedy after a chemical incident caused the death of one person and the hospitalization of 11 others.

The chemical in question, Sodium Hypochlorite, is a chemical found in the cleaning solution Super 8, which is said to smell of "ammonia and chlorine."

The chemical was first perceived by customers during business hours and the premises evacutated.

One customer told WCVB:

"We're just sitting there and then all of a sudden we start smelling the whatever it was, ammonia or whatever it smelled like, and all of a sudden the inside of my nose starts burning."

"We see the employees, like, the waitstaff, everybody, just flee."

Buffalo Wild Wings said to WHDH:

"We are shocked and saddened to learn of this horrific accident at our franchise-owned sports bar and are working closely with our franchisee and the authorities while they conduct an investigation."

Anybody exposed was urged to seek medical attention.

The tragic death brought about by an unfortunate chemical reaction has caused the Buffalo Wild Wings to remain closed.

In the meanwhile, make sure to read the warning labels on your household cleaners.

Such chemical reactions also happen at home and cause injuries and death every year.