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Guy Performing Bruno Mars To An Empty Crowd At Trump's July 4th Celebration Is Hilariously Awkward


The President's recent rally at Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, was widely criticized for its attempts to gather people together during the pandemic and for the racially charged rhetoric President Trump chose to use during his speech.

Back home in Washington DC for his Saturday "Salute to America" celebration, feedback wasn't much better. But for different reasons.

Footage of military personnel performing the Bruno Mars hit "Uptown Funk" to an almost empty crowd went viral.

Many online quickly pointed out that President Barack Obama had the actual Bruno Mars perform at a prior Fourth of July celebration to much less embarrassing results.

The "devastating" cut to an empty crowd ensured the clip would be immortalized as a meme on Twitter.

We've all felt like this singer at some point in our lives.

Many believed the person responsible for the brutal reverse shot should be recognized for their brilliance.

It definitely wasn't a high point for the Trump campaign that they couldn't fill their not socially distant seats with people who agree with the Trump administration rhetoric about masks and the pandemic being all but over.

This was far from the band's only cringe-worthy performance choice.

This was another circus the United States military got dragged into thanks to their Commander in Chief. Hopefully July 2021 will see a much better reception and level of respect.