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Country Duo Claps Back Hard After Homophobic Fan Shames Them For Supporting Same-Sex Marriage

Country Duo Claps Back Hard After Homophobic Fan Shames Them For Supporting Same-Sex Marriage
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

In the wake of far-right calls to overturn the Supreme Court cases that made same-sex marriage legal in 2015, conservatives have become more and more emboldened in openly expressing virulent homophobia.

And when they expressed support for same-sex marriage via a few well-chosen retweets, country duo Brothers Osborne found themselves on the receiving end of that vitriol from homophobic country fans.

But the duo, composed of brothers John and TJ Osborne, the latter of whom is gay, were quick to clap back with a quote-tweet of a bigoted country fan who said he would stop listening to their music following their voicing of support for same-sex marriage.

The bigoted fan insinuated the Brothers Osborne had no right to have an opinion because they "sing songs" and said he would "unfollow" and purge his playlists of the brothers' music. He also scolded the duo for "alienating" half their audience.

The Brothers Osborne had precisely zero patience for the troll's criticism.

Their response:

"There are literally politicians who are actively motivated to ensure that one of us isn’t allowed to marry."
"But we must stay muzzled because we 'sing songs, bro.'"
"Good riddance, douche."

The duo have been subtly outspoken about their views since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade and conservatives quickly began calling for same-sex marriage rights to also be overturned.

Most notably among them was Justice Clarence Thomas, whose concurring opinion in the case that precipitated the overturn of Roe, Dobbs v Jackson Women's Health, openly called for the overturn of the court cases that underpin marriage equality.

Brothers Osborne retweeted a tweet mocking Thomas in the days after the decision, and last week, they retweeted Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg's tweet criticizing the 157 House Republicans who voted against a measure to codify same-sex marriage rights into law.

The duo's fans loved their outspoken clap-back against the bigots they triggered with their support for the most basic of LGBTQ rights.

TJ Osborne came out publicly as gay early last year, making him the first openly gay male country artist signed to a major country label.