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Brandi Chastain's Response To Her Busted-Looking Soccer Hall Of Fame Plaque Is Very Diplomatic 😂

Matthew Eisman/Getty Images

On Monday, May 22, Brandi Chastain was inducted into the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame, a much-deserved honor for her 2-time soccer World Cup champion. The win included a bronze plaque adorned with a bronze recreation of Chastain's face. Upon seeing the plaque, some people (all people) felt the portrait was a

But, because she is a pro, Chastain laughed off the entire incident, saying:

It's not the most flattering...but it's nice.

Fans couldn't believe their eyes at how inaccurate the bronze recreation looks.

People are demanding a replacement!

Chastain took it all in stride at the event, however.

Some art connoisseurs are placing this new plaque in the pantheon of horrible athlete homages!

Some people think the plaque actually looks like someone else...though they won't say who.

The resemblance is nearly non-existent.

Whoever designed the plaque will probably be keeping their head low for a while.

Fortunately, it seems the BASHOF is already working on a replacement plaque.

When it comes to scary statues, people are pretty quick to make change happen.

H/T - Twitter, Getty Images