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Black TikToker Epically Trolls 'Literal Nazi' Who Slid Into Her DMs To Attack Her In Viral Video


A Black TikToker went viral on social media after trolling a "literal Nazi."

The user, @constantlytired345, shared screenshots of her conversation with a racist who invaded her Instagram DMs (direct messages).

"Yo, so today I got a literal Nazi in my DMs so I decided to play around with him," she said in her intro before explaining the person had called her an "ugly [n-word.]"

She humbly admitted to not being "the best troller" but said she decided to go for it anyway.

With over 130K likes from engaged viewers, we say she was a natural.

WARNING: NSFW language


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The background in her video was of her conversation with the racist – whose profile picture appeared to look like someone who was part of the Gestapo.

In her conversation with the bigot, she feigned ignorance and asked him what the n-word meant, adding, "is it like a food?"

He said it was a "bad word for Black people."

She went on to explain to viewers how oblivious this person was. "It didn't click that I trolling," she said.

Next, he claimed he was "100% Nazi" and threatened he would kill her, as well as Jewish people, gay people, and gypsies.

"Only Nazis shall live," he proclaimed before going on with his diatribe.

The TikToker then said the "funniest interaction with this whole thing" was when he declared he would live, fight and die for Hitler.

While he was on a roll listing the things he would do in the fuehrer's name, she asked:

"Would u f'k him?"

To which he said:

"No. I'd f'k his wife. Anyways. Stop trolling."

People weighed in on their wild back-and-forth.







However, she was not finished. She asked him why he would have sex with his wife when she was already dead.

He wrote:


"He got so mad," she said of his all-caps response.






According to the Daily Dot, the racist user profile has been deleted since the TikToker's post went viral.

Not bad for an amateur troller.