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Someone Is Hilariously Roasting Bathtub Tray Ads For The Bizarre Things They Think People Do While Bathing

Ads for bathtub trays have been around since, well, there have been bathtubs and advertising. (I mean, I can only surmise. Honestly, who has the time?) They portray bathtubs as perfect safe havens within the home, complete with artfully arranged trays with all the amenities one needs for a relaxing afternoon in soothingly perfumed water.

Everything changed, however, when Twitter user Sharon Su (@doddlyroses) pointed out how most women would NEVER arrange their bathtub trays the way they're shown in the ads.

I mean, who does this?

These would be some of the most stressful baths you could imagine...

This level of fanciness is unprecedented (and a bit unwelcome).

Twitter users are taking steps to fix their baths ASAP!

Everyone's bath-time habits are VERY different apparently.

Several women decided to share what might be more normal to see on a bathtub tray.

If there's something EVERYONE loves, it's drinking coffee and wine at the same time!

Strange guesses about what women keep on their bathtub trays go back centuries. (See, I told you.)

So what's actually on most women's bathtub trays? Well...

But if you've been inspired by these suggestions, by all means, check out this selection of every kind of bathtub tray you could imagine. What's on your bathtub tray?