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Barack Obama Just Showed Off His Dance Skills In Kenya—And We Need More 😍

APFTV video via @nowthisnews, @granadorama/Twitter

As the Trump/Putin meeting was stunning people around the world, former President Barack Obama was on the other side of the planet visiting his father's village in Kenya and dancing with his grandmother.

On Monday, Obama attended the launch of a youth center run by his half-sister, Auma Obama. During the celebration, traditional music was played and Obama was captured dancing with his grandmother in his first visit to the country since leaving office.

The video had many longing for their old president back.

Seeing Obama living his best life had some folks reaching to drown their sorrows.

Ken S. imagined what could have been.

While others could only cry.

Mostly though, people were glad to see Obama is happy.

Sadly, the 22nd Amendment forbids a president from rerunning after holding office for more than two years, so no, Obama won't be coming back, but we can still love the dancing.

H/T: IOL, The Grio