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New 'Avengers: Endgame' Theory Is Causing A Big Bang In The Marvel Universe

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Marvel fans are no strangers to the many, sometimes completely off-the-wall, theories that abound about the MCU.

Like The Punisher drove the vehicle that appeared to make Director Fury disappear in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Or the late Stan Lee showed up in all the films because he was Uatu the Watcher, whose mission is to "watch over the world and record everything that happens there."

Or Thanos' scars came courtesy of Wolverine.

The newest trailer for Avengers: Endgame, which was released on December 7th, has inspired a new theory about the transition from Avengers: Infinity War that seems to make a surprising amount of sense.

Marvel Studios' Avengers - Official Trailer

Posted on Reddit by user Smegsaiah, the theory seems to check out.

"So I think this chance all comes down to where Ant-Man was when the snap happened, I know the quantum realm had no effect on whether he was snapped or not but as we know, the snap is what got him stuck there, and the chances of the snap happening in the 10 seconds that Scott's in the quantum realm is unbelievable"
"when you think about it from strange's perspective this means he has no idea why they win in one of the 14 million futures, but he knows in the future where they win he gives away the time stone and having tested 14 million futures where he did and didn't do that, he also knew he had to give it away at a certain time"
"This means strange gave away the time stone at the perfect moment that would make the snap happen while scott was in the quantum realm"
"I personally believe this because giving away the time stone was something strange had total control over, as he kept it super hidden until he needed it."
"Also keep in mind strange only would've known the winning outcome was made by the right action at the right time, he had no idea what happened in wakanda or why doing what he did worked, it wasn't about saving Tony's life or the avengers overcoming a probability of 1/14,000,000 - It was about things happening in a very very specific time frame." -Smegsaiah

After seeing Scott Lang at the end of the end of the trailer for Avengers: Endgame, it really seems like he'll be playing a significant part in the upcoming conflict.

Quite a few Reddit users agreed with Smegsaiah.

"Damn dude, we just posted really similar ideas at the same time. I'm totally confident that you're right though. Scott was seconds away from being freed. The snap at that moment was necessary so Scott would be forced to go through a vortex." - pluralizes
"I think this hits the nail on the head and is a bloody excellent theory. Are we certain that Strange didn't know what was happening in Wakanda though?"
"Perhaps he also had to wait for Thor to complete Stormbreaker, which would wound Thanos enough into even doing the snap at that moment. Strange had to have seen futures where the team on Titan were instantly defeated and he went straight to Earth before Thor got there, right?"
"Also, does this also mean in over 14 millions possible futures, Thor NEVER went for the head!?" -Dixikid23

Some took things in a slightly different direction.

"I agree it's about Antman, but I'm sure Tony is involved as well. Antman is the key to the quantum realm but in all honesty, what can Antman do once he escapes? Shrink and hope the world's ok?"
"Scott's only major use to the plot is his quantum knowledge and suit. He's the only one with a suit capable of surviving the trip into the quantum realm. And while the remaining Avengers are smart (including Bruce), I doubt they and Scott have the resources to harness the power of the quantum realm to use against Thanos."
"But Tony does. Once he's back, I bet he and Scott will be able to find a use for the quantum realm. Only Tony has the technical knowledge, piles of cash, physical resources and skill to work under pressure to solve the issue at hand."
"And before you complain Tony is stuck in space, I'm sure we're getting bamboozled. He's Tony Stark. Once he stops sulking about the lack of air I'm pretty sure he'll get off his ass and fix the navigation system."
"Then he just has to convince Nebula to wire herself into the engine (like in Guardians 2) and fly back to Earth. Hell I bet the Russos will mirror the first Iron Man and have him back in the first 3rd of the film, only to have him build a quantum suit (or suits?) to fight Thanos with." -bhats001

Whomever you agree with, if you're excited for Avengers: Endgame you've got less than 110 days to wait!

But before then, you can brush up on your Avengers: Infinity War knowledge. The film is available here in multiple formats.

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When asked what they bought him, u/GeekyKirby replied:

I pre-ordered him a game [Kingdom Hearts III], and bought him a shirt and a book he wanted :) ...I also filled up his living room floor with balloons...

It seems minor mischief is a common theme in their relationship:

Thank you. :) At this point, I can't really surprise my boyfriend anymore. And I try lol. Like the time I secretly put googly eyes on everything in his fridge...

Oh, and they made him this Pikachu cake. You know, nbd.

Users were impressed by u/GeekyKirby's piping skills. Also, the hate for fondant icing is real!

Nicely done and without fondant! r/FondantHate - Patiod
Today was a bad day on reddit if you genuinely want fondant to not be a thing. Just kidding. But fuck fondant, for real. - mimomusic
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A few were also a bit envious.

This cake looks AWESOME, great job!
Side note: Here's hoping that 2019 will bless me with some manflesh to do nice things like this for too 🤞🏽- black_heart85
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Making something for someone is a great way to show them you love them.

The best birthday present I ever got was from a girl who baked me a cake secretly. So thanks for doing that for him, I know I'd feel great about it. - Levitr0n

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