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Christian School Sparks Outrage After Having Teen Boys Rank Qualities In Girls Like 'Virginity' And 'Looks'

Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images

A Christian/Anglican school in Australia has garnered negative attention after getting its students to participate in a misogynistic and extremely disturbing exercise.

St. Luke's, a grammar school in Sydney Australia, separated its year ten (or 9th grade, in the USA) students into groups by a gender binary and gave the boys and girls very different assignments. The girls were to read articles on "preserving" their virginity until marriage.

The boys were told to list "qualities that you would look for in a girl."

Students voiced their displeasure for the assignment to the Sydney Herald.

"All the girls were disgusted and really offended," said one student.

In response, the headmaster of the school sent a letter home to parents acknowledging that the lesson was completely inappropriate.

"St Luke's always has been, and always will be, a school that respects, values and honours all students."

However, the damage was done: according to the female students, several male students were joking around, calling the assignment "Build A B**ch."

"They think joking about it was OK because their own teacher was telling them it was OK."

The Christian Studies teacher has "voluntarily stood down while the matter is under investigation," according to the school.

Christian Studies classes for the students will be co-ed in the next term, and the headmaster has committed to overseeing a review of the curriculum.