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'Rate My Skype Room' Twitter Account Dragged After Posting Tone Deaf Anne Frank 'Historic Skype Room' Joke


In the face of the pandemic that's killed nearly 160 thousand Americans, commentators on television media outlets are appearing remotely from their homes to speak with television anchors.

This has given Americans a rare glance into the lives of some of these commentators—which books they read, what their kitchens look like, and how their homes are lit.

The @ratemyskyperoom Twitter account, created by Claude Taylor and Jessie Bahrey, has gone viral during this phenomenon by rating the rooms of media commentators, jokingly judging their decorations, their lighting, and their wall colors.

But a recent tweet from the account that was intended to be commemorative came off as crass.

The account attempted to commemorate the arrest of Anne Frank, whose diary documenting her life hiding from the Nazis has become a worldwide literary classic and a symbol of resistance in the face of fascism.


Because of the account's mostly humorous tweets, the tweet came off to some as a joke about the Holocaust.

The account stressed that the post was not intended as a joke.

The clarification was met with mixed responses.

The account has since returned to its regularly scheduled programming.