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Animator Chronicles His Impressive Journey To Bring 'This Is America' To Life Using A Mac From The 80s 😮

Animator Chronicles His Impressive Journey To Bring 'This Is America' To Life Using A Mac From The 80s 😮

Modern animation programs are so sophisticated, they render images that closely resemble reality. But sometimes less is more, and one graphic designer made good on that mantra by creating something unique through the use of retro technology.

Wahyu Ichwandari, winner of the 2014 Shorty Awards for Vineography, decided to use an old Apple computer from the 80s to recreate the "This is America" music video by Donald Glover, a.k.a., Childish Gambino, and the results are off the charts.

Don't let the doodle fool you. This is a complicated process that Wahyu demonstrated through a series of tweets.

The result is already impressive, but there are more steps involved in this time-consuming process.

Here's a fascinating look at his progress in this time-lapse video.

Pixelation up close is art in of itself.

Here, he demonstrates how he completed the full picture of Donald Glover's dancing body from this cropped scene.

He did his own research by examining the choreographer's movements for authenticity.

And yes, we'll have to agree with him here.

Followers shouted their praises for his incredible work.

The New York-based motion graphics artist captivated the Internet with his breakout work on Vine, and his stop-motion animation work has since been featured in numerous publications.

"This is America" wasn't his first attempt at recreating pop cultural art by using outdated technology. Last year, Wahyu recreated the trailer forStar Wars: The Last Jedi by using a 1984 Apple IIc.

Here's another interesting time-lapse of the intricate work going into his passion project.

Being a motion graphics artist is a passion he calls his "hobby." And he recommends we all find or passions as well.

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