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'Power Rangers' Star Amy Jo Johnson Rips Costar For Selling Merchandise With Hitler Quotes

Original Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson spoke out on X, formerly Twitter, after original Red Ranger Austin St. John announced plans to sell clothing with quotes from historical 'warriors,' including Adolf Hitler.

Amy Jo Johnson; Austin St. John
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for ReedPOP, JB Lacroix/WireImage

Amy Jo Johnson, who played Kimberly Hart, a.k.a. the first Pink Power Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, thew some serious side eye at her former costar Austin St. John for launching merchandise bearing quotes from historical figures, including Adolf Hitler.

Last month, St. John, who was Jason Lee Scott, the original Red Power Ranger in the Power Rangers franchise, announced his entrepreneurial endeavor of selling the controversial clothing line.

He said on the Toon’d In With Jim Cummings podcast:

"I'm gonna have famous quotes from warriors of all ilks, including the terrible ones."

St. John casually denounced Hitler, calling him "a demon on steroids."

However, in the same breath, St. John said that the Nazi leader—who was responsible for the systematic murder of six million Jewish men, women, and children—"had some pretty good one-liners."


He added:

“The point is to look to our past, to leaders both good and terrible, and take from them what you can.”

Word of his business endeavor began circulating online, but not in the way he had hoped.

It didn't take long for his former Power Rangers colleague to hear about it.

Moments after a snippet from the podcast featuring St. John surfaced, Johnson cryptically responded by questioning her previous costar's marketing strategy without mentioning his name.

She wrote on X (formerly Twitter):

"Hmmm? I think some people should have publicists. Dear me…"

Fans who shared her concern were shaking their heads.

The next day on March 12, St. John made an official announcement of his "Warrior" line of clothing on X.

The 49-year-old explained he was "Exploring history's leaders" and "blending lessons from the past into a unique T-shirt line" by using quotes "From heroes to villains."

He added:

"This is more than fashion; it’s a conversation starter. Stay tuned for wearable wisdom!"

His announcement sparked a conversation alright.

Johnson followed up her previous post by giving followers another clue as to whom she was talking about.

"Rogue Red Ranger has an entire new meaning," she said, adding, "Okay I’ll stop now."

But users continued the discourse.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was the first installment in the Power Rangers franchise.

After premiering on August 28, 1993, on the Fox Kids programming block, the show became a cultural phenomenon and spawned highly sought-after action figures and other merchandise, featuring heroes and villains—fictional ones, of course.

Let's hope St. John listens to the backlash and reconsiders his business idea.