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Study Says Americans Spend Insane Amount Of Time Thinking About Food—Here's What They Think About Most Often

Find out when cravings will hit you hardest.

Study Says Americans Spend Insane Amount Of Time Thinking About Food—Here's What They Think About Most Often
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It seems the only thing Americans enjoy as much as food is thinking about food.

We all get cravings, let's face it, you are probably dreaming of cheese right now, but how much time do Americans actually spend daydreaming about food?

According to a new survey, a lot. As much as 240 hours per year or 10 full days. We're getting hungry just thinking about it.

The study conducted by One Poll on behalf of Blue Diamond Almonds surveyed 2000 Americans and discovered on average we think about food up four times per day, spending around 40 minutes per day doing so.

For the diet conscious 2:41pm might be the most dangerous time of the day. The study found that the mid-day lull is when cravings tend to hit people the hardest and Americans give into those cravings an average of four times per week.

So which foods do Americans spend all that time thinking about?

Something sweet was the number one craving, followed by salty, spicy, savory and smoky, but we don't stop there, often craving combinations of flavors like sweet and salty or sweet and spicy. While 58 percent prefer sweet and salty 35 percent of people crave something with a bit of a kick.

Unsurprisingly chocolate was the number one food Americans tend to crave most, but flavors like honey, bacon, BBQ and cheese weren't far behind.

67 percent believe mood can affect what they are craving, with more women craving something sweet when they are stressed and men tending to prefer something spicy.

Texture also plays a role in cravings with crunchy being the clear winner. When the mood strikes 50 percent will reach for something sweet and crunchy or salty and crunchy.

For new flavor combinations Americans like to rely on friends, with 37 percent saying they will try something new if a friend has tried it first.

Though some combinations might not be for everyone. Chocolate and pizza anyone?

Most craved flavors

Chocolate: 62 percent
Cheese: 49 percent
Strawberry: 39 percent
Bacon: 38 percent
BBQ: 34 percent
Honey: 33 percent
Coconut: 30 percent
Honey mustard: 26 percent
Blueberry: 26 percent
Lemon: 26 percent

Food people crave most frequently

Sweet: 79 percent
Salty: 54 percent
Spicy: 45 percent
Savory: 40 percent
Smoky: 27 percent

Flavor combinations people have tried

Cheese and chips
Apples and cheese
Meat and sour cream
Ice cream and french fries
Chips and ketchup
Cream cheese and jelly
Ketchup and pizza
Popcorn and hot sauce
Cheddar cheese and apple pie
Peanut butter and pickles

The weirdest flavor combinations people have tried

Spaghetti with chips
Chocolate and shrimp
Ginger and garlic
Bacon and sugar
Bacon and strawberries

With all of that food to think about 240 hours per year just doesn't seem like enough time. Maybe they should have surveyed Twitter.

Anyone else feeling hungry now?