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Amazon Echo Is Getting A Memory Because That's Not Creepy Or Anything

Amazon Echo Is Getting A Memory Because That's Not Creepy Or Anything
(Amazon, @indiana85/Twitter)

Alexa is getting smarter. And in case you forget, she'll remind you.

Amazon's home assistant is still a trailblazer and remains ahead of the competition with other A.I.'s available on the market. With Alexa's latest upgrade, consumers will either embrace her latest features or run in the other direction for fear she could take over your home.

The company announced they will be adding a "memory" feature that will allow users to store any information with the ability to access it again at any time.

If you forget something, Alexa will have your back as long as she's received prior intel.

The convenience of the updated feature will certainly make life easier when you tell Alexa where you parked your car or have her remind you to wish someone a happy birthday.

According to a blog post written by Amazon's director of Alexa machine learning Ruhi Sarikaya, the memory feature will be one of many upcoming enhancements to its home assistant program.

This memory feature is the first of many launches this year that will make Alexa more personalized. It's early days, but with this initial release we will make it easier for customers to save information, as well as provide a natural way to recall that information later.

Sarikaya also mentioned Alexa will improve the capability of recognizing "multi-turn" utterances, or what Amazon refers to as "context carry-over."

Previously, we've supported two-turn interactions with explicit pronoun references. For example, "Alexa, what was Adele's first album?" "Alexa, play it." We are expanding beyond this to include utterances without pronouns. For example: "Alexa, how is the weather in Seattle?" → "What about this weekend?" We are also supporting context across domains.

With Siri and Google Assistant rolling out improvements to remain buoyant in an ever changing current in innovative tech, Alexa is staying one step ahead of the game. But by a narrow margin.

Is it a matter of time before Alexa has a mind of her own?

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