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Alison Brie Just Casually Came Out As Bisexual In An Interview—And Fans Are Living For It

The actor and her husband Dave Franco were reading thirst tweets for a BuzzFeed video when she dropped the bombshell.

Alison Brie
Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Alison Brie just casually dropped a huge bombshell, and fans can't handle it.

During a BuzzFeed "Celebs Read Thirst Tweets" video, the Community star and her husband James Franco read a tweet from a quite parched bisexual fan.

It read:

"Listen I am bisexual for a reason and that reason is strictly to be used in a threesome by Dave Franco and Alison Brie."

Clearly impressed, Brie turned to Franco for a high five and then shared:

"That's also why I'm bisexual."

Franco responded jokingly:

"You've been waiting for this tweet from someone who you don't know who they are or what they look like?"

Brie shrugged and replied:


You can watch the casual delivery below.

Some speculated that Brie may have been joking, but given Franco's lack of reaction to the comment, many doubt it.

The masses took to Twitter to rejoice.

Fans are particularly excited given that Brie made out with Aubrey Plaza - who is also bisexual - in last year's dark comedy indie film Spin Me Round.

But all we're thinking right now...