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Drag Queen Attends Paris Fashion Show As Mrs. Doubtfire—And The Resemblance Is Uncanny

Drag Queen Attends Paris Fashion Show As Mrs. Doubtfire—And The Resemblance Is Uncanny
Alexis Stone/YouTube

The clothes may have been the main event at iconic fashion house Balenciaga's recent runway show at Paris Fashion Week, but it seems they may been upstaged by one of the guests on the front row—Mrs. Doubtfire.

Of course, it wasn't really Mrs. Doubtfire, it was UK drag artist Alexis Stone in costume—and prosthetics, and hair, and makeup, and on and on and on.

But Stone's resemblance is so uncanny you'd be forgiven for thinking Robin Williams himself had somehow found a way to grace us with one more visit from his beloved creation.

Take a look at Stone's traffic-stopping transformation below.

Made you do a double take, right?

She even has the voice down! Here's another look, in which she puts Kim Kardashian on notice that she's been dethroned as Balenciaga's newest it-girl.

Stone is famous for her intricate, detail-oriented transformations into celebrities—recreating everyone from Queen Elizabeth to Miley Cyrus—and her Mrs. Doubtfire is certainly no exception.

From the hair, to the facial prosthetics, to the padded body suit, Stone absolutely nails it. And the floral-print Balenciaga dress and silver metallic high-heeled boots she chose for her ensemble were just the icing on the cake.

In a YouTube video, Stone gives a behind the scenes look into the process of her transformation that is nothing short of fascinating.

The outfit too, of course, is flawless—a high-fashion rendering of the original Doubtfire's duds.

Speaking to Paper Magazine, Stone detailed how the outfit came together.

“Nothing screams Mrs. Doubtfire more than Balenciaga florals and we had it with a really iconic pair of chrome silver boots."
"In [Balenciaga creative director] Demna [Gvasalia]’s own words, Doubtfire and Balenciaga need no further explanation. Simply iconic.”

Naturally, social media went bonkers for Stone's spectacle.

In another Instagram post, Stone said she hopes her Balenciaga appearance "brought a smile or two during these testing times."

As Mrs. Doubtfire herself might put it, mission accomplished, poppet.