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When You Paint A Subway Platform During Rush Hour, You're Just Asking For Trouble


Timing is everything, especially when it comes to wet paint. For example don't paint your new apartment when the movers are delivering furniture. Don't paint your toenails right before trying on new shoes. And whatever you do, don't paint the New York subway platform during rush hour.

Twitter user @boshj noticed that's exactly what happened Wednesday in Brooklyn and the resulting mess is exactly what a rational person could guess would happen.

That certainly didn't take long.

Others were quick to notice.

@boshj asked the question on everyone's mind.

Twitter certainly had some thoughts on that topic.

Don't worry, New York City 311 was on it.

No way were people falling for the ol' "Direct Message" route.

But just in case the MTA failed, Safety Floor Tape figured they could drum up some business.

Of course when it comes down to it, Johnny Utah Is A Cop, is probably speaking the real truth here.

H/T: Twitter Moments