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Wyclef Jean Accidentally Drops Range Rover CEO On His Head During Corporate Event In Painful Video

Wyclef Jean Accidentally Drops Range Rover CEO On His Head During Corporate Event In Painful Video
Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Jaguar Land Rover; @DailyRapOutlet/Twitter

Hip hop artist Wyclef Jean was hired to perform at the the Range Rover Leadership Summit, a one-day event attended by higher-ups from Jaguar Land Rover North America.

But when he engaged with the major auto company's President and CEO Joe Eberhardt in a spontaneous stunt on the dance floor during an after party, things went south.

Someone took "let the bodies hit the floor" too literally.

According to TMZ who broke the story, the revelry that followed an evening of speeches and product announcements at the Academy of Motion Pictures included a dance party and a performance by the rapper at the Edition Hotel in West Hollywood.

Unfortunately, the party also included Eberhardt's unexpected face-plant after he was hoisted onto the shoulders of the three-time Grammy award winner.

You can watch the tumble in the video, below.

Eberhardt was sitting on top of Jean's shoulders and spun around under a canopy of mirror balls.

At first, the CEO seemed to be enjoying his jolly good hero perch atop the musician, but the moment was short-lived when the two tumbled to the floor, face first.

Eberhardt appeared disconcerted as Jean helped him up onto his feet as a concerned party-goer was heard asking the shaken CEO, "are you okay?"

The viral video ended with him being tended to.

Meanwhile, social media users collectively winced at the unfortunate topple.

Users familiar with the work of the former Fugees member made a reference to a popular duet he sang with Mary J. Blige in 2000.

Others were confounded by a mystery.

Eberhardt reportedly left the party early and sustained unspecified minor injuries as TMZ noted Jean "looked embarrassed by the whole thing."

The party continued on without further incident, according to the media outlet.