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Woman Calls Out Of Work After Sending Her Boss A Laughably Photoshopped Image As Her Excuse

Woman Calls Out Of Work After Sending Her Boss A Laughably Photoshopped Image As Her Excuse
GettyImages, @nukulartek/Twitter

Flat tires are nothing to laugh at.

They can be scary and a pain in the sit-upon to deal with.

But if this woman was truly unable to come in to work because of a blown-out tire, well, our heart goes out to her and we hope she got the help she needed.

However, the photo she submitted to her boss showing that a nail was the culprit for her flat tire was highly suspicious.

And now the internet is leaving us in stitches upon closer inspection of the photo.

A co-worker at a dental office threw the woman under the bus by acknowledging she repeatedly calls out and asked viewers to inspect the attached image.

Can you see it?

There, in all its glory, is a beautifully rendered image of a phony nail.

Take a closer look.


It is clear as day – a clumsily Photoshopped nail sadly trying to blend in to its irrefutably real surroundings.

Here's a tip.

If you don't want to get caught, never filch from the first batch of Google images that pops up in your search.

Here is a closer look at the screenshot from above. Does the second image in the top row look familiar?


The absent employee was taken for a wild ride on Twitter.

One user kindly shared her authentic photo of a punctured tire for all to use as an excuse to ditch work.

...which opened the floodgate for other submissions free for the taking.

Attn: bosses – Do not be fooled in the future.

Digital evidence is usually imprinted in most photos taken by smartphones to vouch for its authenticity.

...of which there is a workaround for this.

Curious minds inquired about what happened next.

Turns out the boss was wise to the woman's sneaky tactic.

The woman was encouraged to be more creative next time.

Here is the screenshot attached to the above tweet.


It takes dedication to fool your boss.

Do you have what it takes?

A question was raised about this office's calling-in-sick protocols.

Once the photo was shared, it was off to the races with the thread going full speed shifting into viral gear with 172K likes so far.

Even though her excuse was a major fail, she really nailed it with the photo.