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Woman Expertly Trolls Anti-Choice Rep. By Calling His Office With Questions About Her Menstruation

California resident Dara Faye posted a video on Twitter of her calling her local Congressman, GOP Rep. Mike Garcia, to get advice about her unusual menstrual cycle activity.

TikTok screenshot of Dara Faye; Mike Garcia
@darafaye/TikTok; Myung J. Chun/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

California resident Dara Faye has earned plaudits online after she posted a video on Twitter of her trolling the office of her local Congressman—Republican Representative Mike Garcia—by asking him questions about her menstrual cycle.

Garcia, who was first elected in a May 2020 special election and went on to win a full term in the general election, opposes reproductive rights and has cosponsored proposed legislation that would virtually ban abortion and some forms of birth control.

Garcia has also come out in support of the so-called “Life at Conception Act,” which declares that the right to life guaranteed by the Constitution begins at the moment "of fertilization, cloning, or other moment at which an individual comes into being." It is basically impossible to know when that moment begins.

Given these facts, Dara Faye took matters into her own hands to illustrate Garcia's ignorance about the human reproductive system and how it works.

You can watch her video below.

The video, which Faye orginally posted to TikTok on October 26, shows her leaving a message for Garcia after her phone call goes straight to voicemail.

She says:

“Hi, my name is Dara. I was just calling because I wanted to report irregularities in my period."
“I have also been having cramping during ovulation, and I just figured that Mr. Garcia would be interested in all of this because he supports the Life at Conception Act.”
“I don’t know if he’s a board-certified gynecologist. I really have no idea, but I assume if he supports this act, he has a lot of knowledge."
"So, I was hoping maybe someone can get back to me, specifically Mike Garcia, so we can discuss my menstrual cycle and my ovulation cramps."
“Thank you.”

Faye's message to Garcia has received almost 370,000 views as of this writing.

She later joked that her childhood prank calls to New York radio station Z100 have been "paying off."

Many have praised her for speaking out in such a creative and effective manner.

Faye's trolling of Garcia underscores his lack of medical expertise.

Garcia has degrees in political science and national security policy studies, served in the United States Navy, and worked as business development manager for the defense and aerospace conglomerate Raytheon Technologies.

Though Faye's video was posted a couple of weeks before the midterm elections, it offers a salient critique of men and their willingness to weigh in on reproductive health decisions despite having little to no knowledge about how they work and impact people who can get pregnant.

Similarly, several videos from the TikTok account @roevbros have gone viral after its host asked men how menstruation works and received wildly incorrect answers.