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Woman Harasses Group Of Soldiers At IHOP And Accuses Them Of Tipping 'Like Sh*tbags' In Unhinged Rant

Woman Harasses Group Of Soldiers At IHOP And Accuses Them Of Tipping 'Like Sh*tbags' In Unhinged Rant

An IHOP restaurant location in Virginia was the site of the internet's most recent viral video involving a White woman flying off the handle and spewing aggressive comments in a public place.

She was, as we know, far from the first White woman to do something like that. And yet her unhinged harassment of a group of uniformed U.S. Army soldiers from Ft. Belvoir was shocking all the same.

In a series of three video clips that all documented the same incident, TikTok user @musiqcitizen showed the woman's unruly behavior as she approached his and his fellow soldiers' booth in the dining area and got right in their faces.

It all began when she, apparently, decided the soldiers would leave a subpar tip for their server. Whether she said this because the men were Black or in the military was unclear.

She made her declaration when she leaned in a few inches from one man's face and boasted about her own generosity:

"Just so you know, I came back in to give her the rest of the cash from my wallet because you guys all tip like sh*tbags."

The woman then made the strange decision to grab a seat at the soldiers' table.

Joé Jeffers, the soldier who filmed the incident, immediately attempted to de-escalate the woman's behavior, asking her to "please walk away."

In response, like a schoolyard bully, she repeatedly asked him, "because?" and refused to get out of the booth so he could leave.

A bystander, who Jeffers later identified as an Air Force Veteran, then came over and told the woman what a problem she was making, and then called out to see if any police officers were around because "they need to get her out of here."

After she continued to stay put, Jeffers resorted to climbing over the seat to get out of the booth, clearly concerned about what unhinged next move she may have pulled.

Eventually, however, the woman did get up and walk out of the restaurant.

The whole way, she hurled bizarre insults at the soldiers:

"Are you the thin blue line? I get confused. Are you BLM? Are you antifa?"

People who saw the video on TikTok were outraged.


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Many tipped their hats to the man who took it upon himself to get involved.


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Jeffers also posted two other videos that captured the incident.

One documented the same moment from a different angle.

And another showed as she removed her mask, got right in the face of the intervening bystander and actually challenged the Air Force veteran to a fight.

@musiqcitizen Air Force Vet steps in to defends us from Racist White Woman ‼️‼️##SoldierLivesMatter ##SayNoToRacism
♬ original sound - Joé Jeffers Jr.

People were in stitches when they saw she asked for a fight.



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So just in case you were feeling confident that the uniform of a U.S. serviceman may be one of the few things to prevent a sprawling public rant from a White woman, it's clearly time to rethink that.