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Woman Infuriates Her Boyfriend With Her Practical Solution To Fix His Issue Of 'Bad Aim' When Using The Bathroom

Woman Infuriates Her Boyfriend With Her Practical Solution To Fix His Issue Of 'Bad Aim' When Using The Bathroom

A woman living by herself allowed her boyfriend to quarantine with him and learned quickly about his reckless urinating habit.

Redditor "weeweepadwoes" devised a solution that offended him and asked the "Am I the A**hole" (AITA) subReddit community if she was wrong for treating her boyfriend like a dog.

Allow her to explain.

"My boyfriend (30/M) and I (28/F) have been together about a year and when our city implemented lockdown for the virus, he decided to quarantine with me at my apartment as I live alone and have a nicer apartment and he has several roommates."
"Mostly it has been going well and thankfully we both still have jobs, except in the first few weeks I started noticing that the bathroom floor was suddenly always wet around the toilet. (The sink is across the room from the toilet so it's unlikely to be from the sink.)"
"At first I thought it might be water but soon realized that it was definitely pee. I asked BF about it nicely, and he apologized and said sometimes he has bad aim."

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"I asked him to try a little harder and he said sure."

But trying "a little harder" wasn't enough.

So the OP had to have another conversation about the unwanted splash zone.

"The floor continued to be frequently spattered with piss, and a few weeks later I confronted him about it again because I think it's pretty gross to step in his pee several times a week, and it seems like an easy thing to fix."
"If he misses the toilet, I think the very least he could do is make sure to wipe it up with toilet paper or a Clorox wipe. (The cleaning supplies even live in a cabinet directly over the toilet.)"
"He said sure, sorry, he would try to remember to do that."

But remembering "to do that" yielded no result as she continued stepping into his pee puddles.

"Another week has passed and while maybe he's doing this sometimes, I've continued to step in splatters of his pee and wipe it off the floor and clean the floor several times a week."
"I thought about asking him to just pee into the bathtub or something instead, because I don't understand how you can pee on the floor by accident so often and not notice and not clean it up."

After being tired of keeping track of her wet footing, the OP MacGyver'd up a solution for herself instead of incessantly pleading with him to wipe up his own splatter.

"Last night I got up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and absolutely stepped in piss for the 12312301298th time."
"I had HAD it and I didn't want to pick a fight or ask him again since it seems clear he can't or won't change, so I got one of my dog's wee-wee pads from when he was a puppy (he is well trained now) and cut it up a bit and taped it down to make a sort of 'skirt' or mat around the floor near the toilet to at least absorb the piss."

She did not expect this reaction after her makeshift solution.

"BF saw this morning and is FURIOUS with me, saying that I'm calling him a dog, comparing him to an animal, etc."
"Honestly, I was not thinking that at all, I just was trying to be resourceful and solve the problem for myself since I don't like piss on my bathroom floor and don't like stepping in it, I didn't feel like arguing about it anymore, and putting a material specifically meant to absorb pee around the area he keeps peeing on by accident seemed like a practical solution."

The OP asked AITA for putting her dog's wee pad on the bathroom floor because her boyfriend has terrible aim.

Redditors weighed in to declare if the OP was one of the following:

NTA - Not The A**hole
YTA - You're The A**hole
ESH - Everyone Sucks Here
NAH - No A**holes Here

"NTA if he pees like an animal then this is a perfectly appropriate solution."
"bf needs to grow up and be more considerate. This is disgusting." – MissEssquire

The OP clarified the boyfriend shared a house with 3 other guys and that the "bathrooms are kinda sad."

"But i just assumed everything was just sort of the general grossness of 4 dudes living together and not necessarily his fault. but now i'm beginning to question that lol.

These Redditors suggested the boyfriend take a seat.

"I'd honestly consider telling him he needs to sit down to pee at this rate." – taakoyakiii
"Yeah I'm a mom to four boys and i make them sit down in the shared bathrooms. It's so gross and I don't get it at all-how do you not notice your piss everywhere?" – Maleficent-Hunter

These gentlemen aren't opposed to leaving the toilet seat down for themselves.

"Honestly I may want to start doing this. My gf trained me to put the seat back down after using the bathroom, so I do it without thinking now. But sitting seems kinda nice." – forgot-my_password
"As a man who exclusively sits while peeing at home, I can confirm that it is really nice." – ThManWhoPntedBaxter

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So he's really mad at the dog.

"Actually the best part about this is the dog doesn't need them anymore because he's well trained."
"BF's mad about being compared to the dog who is better trained than he is. You're worse than the dog bro? The dog should be offended." – Binky390
"Act like a dog, get treated like a dog...... NTA."
"Take it from a man, sometimes aiming is hard and the hose just gets away from you. But, it takes three seconds to grab some extra TP and wipe up."
"Either he is an idiot and can't see he is missing or splashing, or he just doesn't respect you enough to change." – DistractedAttorney

What is the boyfriend's deal?

This Redditor also took matters into her own hands with an uncooperative husband.

"Seriously. Every time she steps in pee, if she called him in and made him clean it up, he'd learn to aim. He has no incentive to change because he isn't the one who has to deal with clean up."
"My husband can't manage to get his socks in the hamper. For a while I nagged him and just went around the house collecting them before doing laundry."
"I finally just stopped all of it. One day he had no socks because they were all dirty all over the house and I hadn't picked them up. He had to wear dirty socks until laundry day. Guess who learned to pick up their f'king socks." – MiddleSchoolisHell

Like all obedient dogs, this dude should just learn to sit.

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