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Whoopi Goldberg Wants People To Back Off Kate Middleton After Her Photo Editing Controversy

After Kate Middleton sparked controversy and conspiracy theories after apologizing for editing a Mother's Day photo, 'The View' cohost came to her defense.

Whoopi Goldberg; Kate Middleton
The View/YouTube; Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

Whoopi Goldberg is standing by Kate Middleton after an edited photo of the princess sparked all kinds of controversy and conspiracy theories.

Kensington Palace celebrated Mother's Day on Sunday, sharing a photo of Middleton with her children, but it wasn't long before people pointed out signs of editing that, in turn, fueled theories ranging from the status of Middleton's health to her relationship with Prince William.

Middleton did fess up to the photo manipulations, tweeting:

"Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing."
"I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion the family photograph we shared yesterday caused. I hope everyone celebrating had a very happy Mother’s Day. C"

But the masses were still not convinced.

Whoopi Goldberg, however, has had enough.

On Monday's episode of The View, the cohost came to the princess' defense, arguing that everyone edits their photos.

“I’m sorry, I know very few people who don’t manipulate their own photos."
"I mean all you gotta do is swipe. Those editors swipe, God knows people look how those photos look."

She also added:

“You know what, I have to tell you, she may be the future queen, she’s still an amateur photographer."
"That’s what they do!”

When Alyssa Farah Griffin suggested all the princess had to do is take a selfie to prove her presence and wellbeing, Goldberg slammed the idea.

“She doesn’t need to do it! She doesn’t need to do it!”

You can watch below.

Many people on social media agreed with Goldberg that editing photos is very common practice.

And others added that Kate-Gate had gotten out of hand.

Despite her cohosts conflicting ideas, Goldberg stood by her convictions.

“People can do anything they want to do with pictures –– this should not be a shock."

You can watch the rest of the segment below.

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