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People Divulge Their Weirdest Paranormal Experiences

People Divulge Their Weirdest Paranormal Experiences

Some pretty strange stuff happens sometimes, especially when we're alone at night. Whether it's a series of sounds somewhere in the house, a shadow that you can only see out of the corner of your eye, or some lights in the night sky, there are a lot of things we experience that can't quite be explained.

Reddit user u/GiannisXo asked:

"People of Reddit, what is your weirdest paranormal experience?"

Riding the bus


I was riding a bus from class to my car at around 2:30PM and thought I was the only person on the bus as we pulled onto a bridge. Out of nowhere a woman, dressed in nice but disheveled clothes, got my attention and asked what time it was. I told her it was 2:30 and then went back to looking out the window. I glanced back at where she was before the bus had reached the other side of the bridge, and before we'd made any stops, only to realize that I was the only person besides the driver on the bus.



In 1998 I was walking home from a late night library study session and there were 4 very large, shiny, deep gold things in the sky. They were twirling downward like those seedpod things on trees that sort of helicopter themselves, except these were bigger than cars and were doing it very slowly.

I had stopped and was staring up at them before I even realized it. Then I noticed that about 20 people were standing on the other side of the road, they had come out of a bar. There was only the bar, several houses, and a bridge but that was basically it. These days I would never let my daughter walk home like that, but whatever. I thought it was safe.

I hollered something along the lines of, "What is that?" and one of the people said she thought it was spaceships but I knew that wasn't right, and I went home and told people who thought I was probably crazy. A few years later when I was older and understood the Internet more I looked for any kind of news story or anything, and nothing was available.

I wish for the life of me I had talked more to the people watching the same thing outside the bar (which Google tells me is now gone) but I was more afraid of them than whatever was in the sky.

It was...bizarre. In the intervening 20+ years I haven't gone crazy or ever seen anything like it again. lol


Haunted House


Lived in a "haunted house" for a little bit. That's what the landlord told us anyways but we were all skeptical.

Once one of my roommates borrowed my LOTR replica of the One Ring (because of course). When he came home, he set it on the top of my bookshelf (I saw him do this) and then came into the living room with me. We're sitting on the couch talking and hear something drop under the couch... It was the ring. Have no idea how that happened.

By that time we were so immune to sh!t happening that it was like... "Hey, Christine!" go back to talking.


Haunted Apartment?

I once lived in a haunted loft apt. Lots of odd things happened there, but my sister vehemently refused to even listen to the first. She would actually snarl when she called us liars.

Then one day she was visiting and while she was in the bathroom she began shouting: "I'll be out in a minute! Get away from the damned door!"

My roomate and I looked over and the doorknob was twisting back and forth by itself while my sister was getting angrier and angrier. When she burst out of the bathroom and saw how far away we were from the door she turned totally white.

Was absolutely hilarious.

That place turned several non-believers into believers. I wish I could have taken that ghost with me when I moved.


Did the dog bark?

Went running with my dog and saw a white outline of a young woman running alongside me out of the corner of my eye. When I looked over, nothing. About 5 mins later I got a call that my great grandmother had passed, she was in hospice. Still think about that a lot.

I think it runs in the family. My mom will straight up say "I need to call X, I feel weird" and sure as sh!t, there's a disease/illness going on. My great grandmother used to talk to dead people and my family thought she was crazy until they figured out the house she used to live in was owned by the couple she "talked" to years earlier. Found this out a year or so ago, been about 5 years since she passed away.




When my son was a baby we had a sound monitor next to his crib and my wife was downstairs and heard a voice on the other end of the monitor saying "what are you doing cutie? Huh? What are you doing?" She said it sounded playful like how people talk to babies or pets. She ran up to his room thinking someone was in the house and he was just laying there awake looking around.

When he got a little older and could walk and talk some, he was laying on the living room floor playing with blocks. Something down the hall caught his attention and he got up and stared down the hall. I asked him what was wrong because he kept looking at me all concerned and then looking back down the hall. He ran over, climbed in my lap, and pointed to the hallway and said "monkey" I think maybe he was seeing some kind of shadowy apparition and monkey was the only word he knew to describe what he saw.

That house always creeped us out, even before he was born. We always had that weird feeling like someone was watching us, and one time I got slapped on my foot while laying in bed.


We're crying 

About 4 months after my old cat died (RIP Neesa;-;) we got a little kitten. The night we got her, I was laying in my bed, trying to get to sleep after all of the days exitement. I felt pawsteps on my back, and there she was. Clear as day. She curled up on my pillow like she would always do before she went to sleep. I was so happy she was back, so I didn't make a big deal of it in hopes she would stay. I fell asleep with her by my side. When I woke up, she was gone, and one of her old toys was on the foot of the bed. I still cry when I think about it.


A flag!

It was probably my brain, accessing information way faster than it could communicate to my body, but one day as I was walking from parking my car to work, I heard this voice as I was getting closer to the intersection. It kept screaming at me, "check this out! look up here, no really this is cool, check this out!!! LOOK UP HERE".

I didn't feel like anyone else was hearing this, I was alone, and it felt like it was for me, and the voice wasn't my own. I hit the walk button, and finally decided to stop ignoring the voice. I look at the top of the building as the light turns green to cross the street, three floors up where the voice seemed to be coming from, and I see.... a flag. A stupid flag on a building. Woo. A flag.

Just as I'm about to step into the intersection this giant white truck barrels through the intersection and takes a right, exactly in the spot I would be in if I hadn't looked up to see what the whole hullabaloo was about.*shrug*

I'm just glad I waited to cross the street.




Once I was house & dog sitting for my then gf's sister and her bf, they always told me about how weird stuff would always happen like washer and dryer door would randomly fly open, the front door would open if it was closed or close if it was already open, just weird stuff like that. Didn't ever really think much of it because I've never personally experienced anything like that ever.

Well the first night I was there I was laying in bed with the dog when all of a sudden the dog got up and started barking like crazy in the direction of their closet(which was open and was the length of the entire wall), I looked in that direction didn't see anything so I just turned around to try and calm the dog down and as soon as I put my head back onto the pillow every single one of the hangers started to move in order just as if someone took their hand and dragged it along the entire length of the closet from left to right. No windows were open and the bedroom door was closed, that's the first time anything like that happened and I couldn't come up with some reason that was even remotely possible as to why it would be happening.


Keeps coming back

I have an ongoing one for 5 plus years. I work graveyard shift in a largeish senior "community". Different levels ie seniors Apts, retirement, assisted living and long term care. Its actually a very nice setup as far as all the horror stories you hear about senior care. At night the doors (all handicapped accessible, push button and door opens) are locked and armed to the call bell system. Every month or 2 one of the doors randomly opens itself and sets off the alarm. Every damn time someone somewhere in the facility has passed away.