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PHOTOS: Weird Pasta Shape Ideas From World Pasta Day 2017

PHOTOS: Weird Pasta Shape Ideas From World Pasta Day 2017

In celebration of World Pasta Day on October 25, graphic designer and pasta aficionado David Rudnick decided to definitely rank the top 22 non-canon pastas shapes, carefully using "scientific" methods, to the delight of appetites across the Twitterverse.

World Pasta Day was cooked up at the World Past Congress on October 25, 1995, when pasta-philes from around the world joined forces in the kitchen to spread knowledge of the world's panorama of pasta, and to educate people about the cultural and culinary importance of pasta. For example, did you know there are approximately 350 types of pasta?

But what pasta shape is the best?

David Rudnick pondered this noodle-twisting quandary himself. He took it upon himself to determine what pasta is the best, and what is pasta is the worst, once and for all in a fierce competition judged by his own palate. He began by honoring World Pasta Day, and then revealed the pasta contestants - a carefully compiled shortlist of 22 Non-Primary-Canon pasta shapes (i.e. you won't be seeing spaghetti, penne, or ravioli on this list), compiled by Rudnick himself through top secret means.

Rudnick tweeted out his rankings in ascending order, beginning with what he determined to be the worst pasta shape. And no, he was not gentle with the poor pastas, lashing out criticisms that would have left Gordon Ramsay blushing.

Croxetti, Capellini, and Rombi were sent home crying.

Judge David to Capellini: "I don't care if ur famous, you are just Garbage Spaghetti."

Conchiglie, Girandole, and Fusili Avellinesi found themselves ranked in the middle. No one likes being the middle child.

Judge David to Fusili Avellinesi: "A Real Conversation Starter" and a "bold mover."

Radiatori was bestowed the honor of runner-up...

...and finally, Rudnick determined Mafaldine as the reining champ of pastas, for artful ruffling and extraordinary ability to hold sauce.

His work completed, David took a sip of his coffee and leaned back in his chair. TeenVogue and Time Magazine honored him with recognition, the latter crowning Rudnick as the "Pasta King."

Twitterverse thanked him for his service.

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H/T: Days of the Year, @David_Rudnick