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Weird Al Responds In Kind After Learning That Paul Rudd Dressed Up As Him For Halloween

RB/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images via Getty Images; JC Olivera/WireImage via Getty Images

It has been a year since Paul Rudd donned his iconic Weird Al Yankovic costume.

Recently, the image received a revival when @tygerbugGarrett tweeted the image commenting on the Irony that Rudd's daughter was accompanying him in a Marvel Cinematic Universe costume.

He began:

"She's got her Avengers candy bag. She's dressed up as The Wasp for Halloween, escorted by her father, Paul Rudd, who played Ant-Man, in the actual blockbuster film, Ant-Man and the Wasp."
"But he's decided to go as Weird Al Yankovic."

It appears Weird Al has actually noticed this year.

He responded only as Weird Al can—with a smart parody.

Weird Al in the Ant-Man costume sparked the Twitter populace's creativity almost immediately.

After all, since it's Halloween, if Weird Al doesn't have a costume ready, we have to help him!

But mostly everybody just REALLY wants to see Weird Al as Ant-Man.

We are looking forward to seeing both Paul Rudd's and Weird Al's costumes for Halloween 2019.

Weird Al's foray into film, the cult classic UHF, is available here.

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