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'Weird Al' Hilariously Reacts To Grammy Awards' New Rule About AI-Generated Music

The parody songwriter couldn't help but take a crack at himself over the Grammys' latest eligibility requirements involving AI music.

Weird Al Yankovic
Kyle Rivas/Getty Images

Parody singer "Weird Al" Yankovic had a hilarious response to the Grammy's excluding Artificial Intelligence (AI) music eligibility this year.

In an effort to be more inclusive, the Recording Academy of the United States made notable adjustments, including expanding eligibility requirements and adding new categories.

However, that did not extend to recognizing AI music–an increasing trend in which new music is created or popular songs are covered using a voice that sounds exactly like a famous artist.

The threat of recording companies no longer requiring authentic live voices to make money has drawn criticism from music artists such as Ice Cube, who threatened to take legal action if someone created new music using a voice that sounded exactly like his.

Yankovic–who rose to prominence in the 80s by parodying pop songs like Michael Jackson's "Beat It," called "Eat It"–posted a tweet quoting the latest awards ceremony headline:

“Grammys exclude AI from winning awards: Only ‘human creators’ eligible.”

He added:

“Ugh. I keep telling them… I AM human!!!”

Fans shared their humorous responses.

There were those who found it perplexing to differentiate between the upper case "L" and the lower case "i."

Some maintained he was irreplaceable.

While others needed more convincing he was a real human person.

Considering Yankovic is the winner of five Grammys and has been nominated for them 16 times, it's safe to assume he's the real deal.