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Restaurant Under Fire For Dumping Two Unconscious Women On The Sidewalk After Serving Them 16 Shots In Less Than An Hour

NSW Office of Liquor and Gaming

In what the Department of Liquor and Gaming called "one of the worst breaches of liquor laws in New South Wales in recent years," two women in Gangnam Station, Sydney, were dumped on the sidewalk by restaurant staff after being served 16 shots in 40 minutes.

On a Thursday last November, police records show three women entered the Korean BBQ restaurant around 8pm. In the next 40 minutes, they were served 16 shots of soju (a Korean spirit), at which point two collapsed onto the floor, unconscious.

NSW Office of Liquor and Gaming

Restaurant staff then carried the pair out of the restaurant and deposited them, without protection, on the sidewalk. One customer vomited while being moved. The entire incident was captured on a nearby security camera.

NSW Office of Liquor and Gaming

The women were later found by police surrounded by a crowd which had called an ambulance.

NSW Office of Liquor and Gaming

Sean Goodchild, director of compliance operations at the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority, commented in a statement:

It's hard to imagine a worse case of a venue failing in its obligations to prevent misuse and abuse of alcohol.

Sunhwa Kim, who owns the restaurant's license, was issued a "first strike." As you might imagine, three strikes may result in Kim's permanent ban from the food industry. For now, Gangnam Station has been fine $2,200 by the NSW police "for permitting intoxication."

Be careful where you pass out on your night out! You never know when someone might just dump you on the sidewalk.

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