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Twitter Is Identifying Hard With People Who Think Certain Words Look Wrong Even When They're Spelled Correctly

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Spelling can be difficult sometimes. Even the best spellers doubt themselves, regardless of how skilled they were at the spelling bee or on spelling tests as a child.

Sometimes, you come across certain a word which you know is spelled right but it looks so wrong. So then you're sitting there tripping out because you're starting to question everything you've ever known, all over the strange spelling of a word.

Does everyone experience this?

Twitter user @persianthoughtz decided to find out:

The answer was a resounding YES.

Boy, did people relate to this!

Some shared a few of their own examples (@Souxieq, what do you do which required you to spell complicated words like eponymous and hierarchically and auspicious on a regular basis?):

Does the word weird look weird? Has weird always looked weird? Or does weird only look weird now that we've pointed it out?

Agh, my brain hurts:

Some words were simple, because it doesn't have to be complex to be confusing:

Others are spelled wrong often:

I will never spell definitely right as long as I'm living. I spelled it wrong just now! Thank goodness for spellcheck and google, am I right?

All in all, spelling can be confusing, and language is complex: