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A Tweet About Flat Pillows Has Ignited A Massive Debate—And People Are Very Opinionated

Photo by Megan Maloy via Getty Images

If you thought the fall of western civilization might come over the divide between Trump opposers and Trump supporters, think again.

Turns out what is really gnawing at the psyche of people around the world it is fluffy vs. flat in the great pillow debate. It all began with a provocative tweet by Twitter user Gina Guillotine (@nintendo6664 ) who came out swinging with this:

Every man i know sleeps with flat pillows. Fucking weirdos. Where are the fluffy pillow men.

We can't imagine Guillotine didn't know what she was about to unleash. The responses were swift and the lines were drawn. This was war.

Don't worry Guillotine wasn't alone in her love for fluffy pillows.

Of course there were those who strove for compromise.

This debate may go on a while.

H/T: Mashable, Twitter