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REPORT: Here's A Flowchart For Trump's Rough Week

REPORT: Here's A Flowchart For Trump's Rough Week

President Trump had a messy week after he made a comment accusing former President Obama and his other predecessors of not calling the families of fallen military servicemen and women; a claim which was quickly debunked before spreading into a much wider issue.

The debacle all started after an ambush in Niger left four military members dead, and left the press wondering why the White House had made no official comment about the incident.

After Trump's remarks about calling "virtually" all Gold Star families, many cried foul, saying that they hadn't received a phone call from Trump. One family even alleged that they were promised $25,000 by the president, which they had yet to receive.

Then came the bombshell revelation by Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson that Trump had called the grieving widow of one of the fallen Niger soldiers and she had overheard him making some insensitive comments. Trump flatly denied the accusation, despite other family members of the soldier's family corroborating Wilson's version of events.

This led to Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Chief of Staff John Kelly attempting to discredit Wilson's account, and to Kelly going after Wilson's character by bringing up her allegedly inappropriate behavior at a 2015 event. Unfortunately for Kelly, there was video of the event that showed he wasn't exactly truthful in his recollection.

When asked to comment on the situation, Sanders suggested that questioning a former general was inappropriate, which led to the surfacing of multiple instances where Trump did just that.

And the story may not even be over, as Trump continues his attacks against Rep. Wilson on Twitter.

On Sunday, almost a week after his initial comments, he tweeted out:

If that all sounds a bit hard to follow, Washington Post correspondent Philip Bump made a helpful flowchart to show how everything went down:

Let's take a closer look:

Twitter was floored by the diagram:

And for a multitude of reasons:

Still, it's pretty impressive to see:

Bump might be onto something:

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