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Trump's New Hampshire Rally Had Many Empty Seats Thanks To Gay Teen's Viral Prank


President Donald Trump's obsession with crowd size has been an issue since the first days of his presidency and it hasn't let up since.

There's nary a rally whose crowds he doesn't boast about.

So naturally, he couldn't stop talking about the crowd size at his New Hampshire rally earlier this month.

The President proudly boasted that there wasn't an empty seat in the house and that more people gathered to see him at the Southern New Hampshire University than they did to see Elton John in the same venue.

But it wasn't long before people began sharing photos of empty seats inside the venue.

We now know the reason there were so many empty seats and it's pure gold.

It started with a gay teen, known on Twitter as @noahforchange, who urged his followers to sign up for free tickets to the rally and then not show up.

The tweet went viral and the rest was history.

People listened and followed through.


People even signed up with names designed to troll the President.

Such as "leave office."

"Barack and Michelle Obama."

"Your mom."

"Dykes Only" and "Trans Lives Matter."

"Homo Sexual" and "Mex Ican."

And "ur racist."

Gee, what would happen if people did this for every upcoming MAGA rally?


*Chef's kiss*

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