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Trump Claimed His New Border Wall 'Can't Be Climbed'—But This Viral Video Proves Otherwise

Trump Claimed His New Border Wall 'Can't Be Climbed'—But This Viral Video Proves Otherwise

It has been proven several times at this point that the border "wall" that President Trump likes to claim is "unclimbable" and "Impenetrable" is exactly the opposite.

But another new viral video posted to Twitter proved it yet again.

The newest method of overcoming the 18-30 foot bollard fence is a little lower-tech than some of the more recent solutions, like cutting through the fence with a handheld power tool. The three men just used a ladder you could find at any hardware store.

Palm Springs, California-based photojournalist J. Omar Ornelas took a video of 3 men attempting to cross the border fence and shared it to Twitter with a scathing comment.

That newly replaced section of "virtually impossible" to scale wall should be even more secure, since it hasn't had time to deteriorate due to weather, right?


Two of the men climbed the ladder while a third held it steady at the bottom. The one who reached the top first was able to shimmy down the other side of the fence, and started to flee as what appears to be a Border Patrol vehicle comes upon the scene.

The two men who were still on the Mexican side of the fence also rapidly started to make their exit when the patrol vehicle showed up, the one on the ground pulled down the ladder and gathered it while the one who was on the fence quickly slid down to the ground.

The man who was able to get over the fence was apprehended by Border Patrol officers shortly thereafter.

Customs and Border Patrol responded to the breach shortly thereafter, also on Twitter.

They claim that the border protections are working exactly as intended.

While the man who was able to gain entry to the United States was apprehended in this instance, that doesn't keep others from following suit at less closely monitored sections of the border.

There are plenty of other ways to overcome the obstacle as well.

Is it possible to scale Trump's southern border wall? These KY climbers say it

Twitter had an absolute field day in the comments on Ornelas' tweet.

There were still some who chose to praise Trump and try to spin this as a positive, but the rest of Twitter wasn't having it.

How much more proof that the fence is totally climbable (or cuttable) will be required before Trump stops touting it as "impenetrable"?