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Trump Mocked Michael Bloomberg For Having A 'Very Bad Night' In New Hampshire Without Realizing That He Wasn't Even On The Ballot

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images; Tom Brenner/Getty Images

As one would expect of an incumbent President hoping to be reelected, President Donald Trump is following the progress of Democratic presidential candidates.

As such, he's commented on candidates dropping out or showing poorly in the first caucus (Iowa) and primary (New Hampshire) in his typical style:

on Twitter with childish insults.

On Tuesday night, Trump decided to go after former New York city mayor Michael Bloomberg for his poor showing in New Hampshire.

Trump posted:

How badly did Bloomberg do?

Considering he was never on the ballot, any votes he got were write-ins, meaning any showing was a demonstration of devoted supporters. But it appears the President had no idea Bloomberg was not on the ballot.

People were happy to point out his error.

People also called out Trump's narcissism.

Although, one person just had a suggestion for how Trump could better utilize his time.

Step away from the phone and go to bed, Mr. President.