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It Turns Out A Missing Minnesota Two-Year-Old Drove Himself To The County Fair On His Toy Tractor

Iliana Mestari/Getty Images; @lcm5997us/Twitter

A two-year-old boy was reunited with his family after driving his toy tractor by himself to the fair.

The youngster took off on his own on his battery-powered vehicle to go to the Chisago County Fair in Rush City, Minnesota, on Thursday night, the Sheriff's office revealed in a Facebook post.

According to reports, the unnamed child lived only a block and a half away from the fairground and was not apart from his parents for more than a few minutes.

But the Sheriff's department said:

“First call of the night at the county fair was a missing 2 year old who drove his tractor from home, to the fair. He was reunited with Dad."

While the boy, who was reportedly found near the Waltzer, was unhurt, he did not emerge completely unscathed.

The Chisago Sheriff's Department said his dad “promptly suspended his son's license by removing the battery".