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TikToker Shares Emotional Video 'Proof' Of Her Late Husband's Spirit Comforting Their Baby

TikToker Whitney Allen shared the viral baby monitor video of what she believes was her late husband's spirit stroking her son Leo's head in his crib.

screenshots of @whitneylynallen, her children and her late husband

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things you will deal with in this lifetime, and though we can't bring them back it provides some solace to know that their spirit lives on.

Whether you feel your newest little niece takes after your deceased wife, you find a treasured belonging of your father on the mantle months after his passing or you find a small seashell in the ocean that reminds you of your mother, keeping faith and holding on to their memories will help you heal.

Which was exactly the sentiment of a woman on TikTok who captured on a baby monitor what she believes is her deceased husband visiting her infant son in the middle of the night.

Whitney Allen is a mom of two navigating life and healing from the tragic occurrence that cost her both a partner and a husband.

Allen's husband passed away on April 7, 2022 from a severe allergic reaction to a bee sting.

Allen is brave enough to share her journey with her 25k followers on TikTok.

During her uphill climb Allen was able to find a light, a very special light that she thought to be something extraordinary.

Last week, the young widow shared a video she captured on a baby monitor of a bright orb following her child.

The orb in the video appeared to be hovering over her youngest son while he slept in his crib. Most remarkable about the story is that Allen attributed that guiding light to that of her late husband.

Allen took to TikTok to spread her theory.

The mom wrote in her post that she knew the orb of light was her husband soothing their child to sleep.

Allen's post captioned "the veil is thin" showed a glowing orb moving across her son’s head as if the light was calming the child.

“My husband passed away on 7 April 2022, when our second son, Leo was 3 months old,”
“Tonight, I felt like I saw my husband soothing our baby”

You can see Allen's video here:


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Allen couldn't quite believe what she saw that day.

“Chills. It literally looks like a hand is patting / stroking Leo’s head,”

However, she wasn't the only one who felt something amazing had happened that night.

Not long after the video was posted, it was flooded with thousands of comments of support from faithful and hopeful believers.

Allen knew there would be some naysayers. Orbs can appear in photos and videos due to camera flash catching dust, water droplets, or other particles.

There are numerous reasons as to why the orb could be seen on that monitor. But for Allen, it was clear that it wasn't a camera lenses defect or accident.

It was intentional and there were many others who agreed. There are some people who believe that orbs in photography or videography are signs of a ghost or spirit of a deceased person visiting.

Allen explained why she believed the orb was her husband in another video she posted.

Here is Allen's second video.


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She said it was the placement of the ball of light that led her to believe it was the father of her son coming to him.

“When I was 12 weeks pregnant, a preliminary ultrasound showed that the baby had a large cystic hygroma behind his neck,"
“Ryan reassured me that despite the odds that Leo (who we had already named) would be perfect."

And he was right.

Despite the odds, the couple later found that during pregnancy their baby was perfectly healthy.

However, shortly after the two received the good news, Ryan suffered a severe allergic reaction which led to an anoxic brain injury. Ryan went into a coma.

There is an old saying that once someone dies, a new life is born, and Allen took comfort in those words. As her son was born Allen's husband was dying.

Allen explained that after she gave birth to her son, her husband's light went out.

She now believes that their two lives were interchangeable.

“I believe that somehow Ryan traded his life for his son’s.”

People were supportive of Allen's beliefs.











Regardless of what you believe, Allen is finding healing through love and faith and is holding dear to the memory of her husband and her beautiful family.

You can't not support that.