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Woman Sparks Debate After Admitting She 'Catfished' Her Boyfriend Of Two Years On First Date

Woman Sparks Debate After Admitting She 'Catfished' Her Boyfriend Of Two Years On First Date

The best laid plans often go awry.

This is especially true for TikToker @virgh0eeee who admitted she met her boyfriend of two years in a less than conventional way—through a fake profile on Bumble.

But the plot thickens and, boy, is it one wild swim down the river.

During the course of the TikTok the woman revealed her elaborate scheme to find love.

After catfishing her boyfriend for a little while on the dating app, the two of them planned to grab drinks together. When her boyfriend realized he had been stood up, she swooped in as herself to save the day.

@virgh0eeee owned up to her plan in a TikTok and wrote out, in detail, how she pulled the wool over her boyfriend's eyes.


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She went on to admit, at the time of posting the confession to the social media platform, her boyfriend was still completely in the dark about the entire plan.



The confession started with the TikToker writing:

“Thinking about the time my friends and I made a catfish account on Bumble because I was too scared to talk to guys, ended up matching with this guy and he asked (catfish) me on a date for drinks."
"So me and my friends went to the bar he was at and when he realized he got stood up and was about to leave, I approached him and started a [conversation].”

Her admission led to an outpouring of opinions and comments from other TikTok users all too eager to chime in on the topic. Not all of them found the story as lighthearted as she had hoped.

The wild story was too outrageous and also gained the attention of MTV's popular show Catfish and its two hosts, Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford.

The two commented on the TikTok, with Schulman showing support for the TikToker coming clean while Crawford's message simply read:

"I'll allow it."



The woman continued to recount her story by admitting, after she approached him, her boyfriend "told me he got stood up and I told him whoever stood him up was stupid, and bought him a drink. And now he’s been my boyfriend for two years and still doesn’t know I catfished him."

Isn't it just the most romantic thing, you've ever heard of?

Well, not everyone seemed to appreciate the woman's efforts with several TikTok comments calling the tactic manipulative and a serious betrayal.

Others found the situation comical and were supportive of the woman's less than conventional dating methods.



The TikTok has gained over 2 million likes, 18,200 comments, and over 8 million views, with one of those views being her boyfriend who was not as grateful for her efforts.

As Icarus flew too close to the sun, @virgh0eeee's actions hit a little too close to home. In an update following her initial TikTok going viral, she revealed her boyfriend of two years was beyond peeved at her actions.

The update video featured a screenshot from her boyfriend who sent the link to her with a follow-up message that read "Is this Fr? [for real]." Embarrassed and having seemingly used all of her words to make the initial confession, the woman replied with a simple emoji to convey her embarrassment.

Her boyfriend went on to ask if she had catfished him, adding her actions were "weird bro."

In a third update video, the woman revealed in the caption her dishonesty could not be overlooked, writing:

“Yeaa I got dumped.”



The woman added:

“He did not find this as funny as the people in the people in the comments."

The woman recounted, after reading some of the more comical replies to her story she was hopeful he would share similar sentiments and "this is funny, maybe this is not creepy, maybe this is endearing and a story that we can tell our future children."

Needless to say, the sentiment was not mutual.

So heartbroken by her deceit, the ex-boyfriend has allegedly blocked, deleted and ignored her on social media, seemingly wanting nothing to do with her. Despite the turn of events, the woman seemed to be taking the breakup rather well, writing:

“But, you know what, it happens. It is what it is.”

The story doesn't end there however, as the TikToker went on to to reveal she's received messages from her ex in which he demanded she remove the incriminating TikToks and allegedly threatened to have his sister beat her up if she did not comply.

Catfish host Kamie Crawford told The New York Post:

“I’m not saying this is the right way to go about meeting the person of your dreams, but I have to hand it to this creator, it was very clever.”

Crawford went on to add the TikToker “should just be herself” in all future dating endeavors.

After the fall out from her attempt to catfish her way to love, we second Kamie's opinion.