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TikTokers Have Field Day With How Passionately New Text-To-Speech Voice Says 'Deez Nuts'

TikTokers Have Field Day With How Passionately New Text-To-Speech Voice Says 'Deez Nuts'; @creepergal1/TikTok

Anybody who's been enjoying TikTok for the past year has undoubtedly become familiar with that ubiquitous, female text-to-speech voice.

You've heard her sounding out those words that are captioned across countless TikTok videos. Sounding slightly like a robot, she reads the caption aloud with either no emotion whatsoever, or a tone totally not relevant to the bizarre content in the video itself.

But in the past week, TikTokers have been forced to get used to a brand new female voice reading those captions.

According to Insider, the change came after Beverly Standing, who provided the original text-to-speech voice, sued TikTok's parent company ByteDance. Standing has claimed the company used recordings of her voice without permission.

But TikTok users are apparently not so interested in the legal dynamics of the switch.

Instead, they've latched on to the unexpected tone the new female text-speech-voice says the age-old phrase, "Deez Nuts."

Classic internet.

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On the off chance you've never heard the phrase "Deez Nuts," Insider also provided a little history of the term.

The first public use of the term was allegedly on Dr. Dre's classic hip hop album The Chronic.

The term then kicked around quietly for a couple decades until a Youtube video posted by WelvenDaGreat, in which he used the term, exploded in popularity.

The same year that video went viral, a 15-year-old from Iowa drew a surprising amount of national support when he registered to run for president under the name, "Deez Nuts."

And in the past year, the term has seen yet another resurgence in popularity among TikTok users.

All that is to say it was inevitable the new text-to-speech voice would get the old "Deez Nuts" treatment.

And people were loving it.






Macy Bowling/TikTok

Black sheep productions/TikTok

Keep in mind that it's only been about a week since the new voice was released.

There's just no knowing exactly what other discoveries the TikTok community will make in the weeks and months to come.