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Guy Freaks Out After Somehow Forgetting To Get Out Of His Car While Getting The Tires Changed

Guy Freaks Out After Somehow Forgetting To Get Out Of His Car While Getting The Tires Changed

In a hilarious yet stressful viral video, a TikToker named Mark Perpose (@markperfs) shared the embarrassing moment that he realized he should have gotten out of his car while getting the tires changed.

The TikTok video has over 1.2 million likes and 8.2 million views. The video shows Perpose sitting in the passenger side of the car while it is on the lift several feat in the air.

The text over the video said:

"Guys. I forgot tot get out of my car when I brought it to the auto shop to get my tires changed."
"What do I do???!?!?"

And the caption said:

"This is embarrassing."


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This short video prompted so many questions.








@iaminlovewithaman/TikTok; @markperf/TikTok

Because of all the questions, Perpose gave the full story of how he ended up staying in the car.

He said:

"I was scheduled for a tire change and the mechanic told me to just pull up to the shop and when I get there, the mechanic was going to get into my car and drive into the work station for me."
"So when I go to the workshop, I hopped into the passenger seat while the mechanic went into the driver's seat and drove my car into the bay."

He was told that he wasn't allowed to be in the car but Perpose just "spaced out" and forgot that he had even said that.

He continued:

"After about five minutes of spacing out, I did remember that the mechanic told me to get out, so I started gathering my belongings, and one of those actually was this bag that was inside the pocket of the driver's side door."

He showed the black back that he was talking about.

Perpose said:

"And as I was reaching over to grab it, the car just started rising up from the pits of hell beneath me. And I don't think the mechanic knew I was in there because I was still bending over, but I kind of just froze."

Perpose quickly realized that he was going to be stuck there, so he lowered himself in his seat and stayed as still as possible so he wouldn't be noticed. Then he waited an hour and a half before he was met able to come back down.

Though, that didn't stop his panicking:

"I was gonna pretend like I was sleeping but the mechanic already knew I was wide awake, so I just awkwardly stared at the mechanic and gave a little wave."

He was embarrassed but drove off anyways.





@biiancadls/TikTok; @markperfs/TikTok

A few people were wondering about the mechanics reaction when he realized Perpose was still in the car.


He responded in the comments.


This is only a funny story because no one got hurt, and everyone is definitely thankful for that. Hopefully, Perpose learned his lesson.