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TikToker Sparks Debate Over Viral Video Of Live Turkey Next To Cooked One In The Oven

Farm owner and TikToker @our10acres caused a stir with the video, which some deemed cruel.

screenshot of live turkey looking at turkey roasting in oven

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and with that, we expect to see a multitude of turkey-centric videos and pictures floating around social media.

What we didn't expect to see was a video of a live turkey standing next to an oven with a cooking turkey inside.

The internet didn't know what to make of it or how to react.

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The video, posted last year on Tiktok by My Pineapple—@our10acres—showed a live turkey peeking into a partially open oven where there was a roasting turkey inside.

You can watch the video here:


Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 #pardoned #turkey #thanksgiving

The person recording said:

"you don't know him."

It's an attempt to be funny.

However, the internet was not so sure.





Others found humor in the video.



The video—which went viral this year—was posted by a Tiktoker who owns a farm and posts videos about her animals.

Most of her videos are cute, informative and funny.

In response to the comments implying—or straight up saying—the turkey video is cruel, MyPineapple posted:

"Turkeys are curious, but have no concept of ovens."

And in a later comment, wrote:

"He was mad I wouldn't let him eat it."



While the internet was torn on how to feel about this video, its clear the creator cares quite a bit about her farm and the animals that live there.