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For every generation, a dance craze comes along that sweeps the nation. The 20s had the "Charleston," and the 50s gave rise to the "Jitterbug."

As the 80s ushered in the music video era, people got down and boogied in real time with moves like the "Cabbage Patch" in 1987, borrowing its name from the popular dolls during that time; and the "Macarena," which is still a wedding reception dance floor staple after its emergence in 1992.

Most are silly, but all are fun.

But then there is the "Triangle Dance," a threesome hopfest that is more like a challenge than people grooving on the dance floor. But doing it to music makes it so much better.

But heed this warning: the latest dance craze is becoming viral and causing blackouts between uncoordinated participants.

So how do you do it?

A trio huddles together and each person alternates "hopping" through the other two participants at regular intervals, all while remaining linked with arms around shoulders.

But careful with the timing. If one person is out of sync, someone is gonna need a bag of ice.

This challenge is perfect after getting inebriated...not!

It's fun to do during breaks at the office. So get out of your cubicles and get the blood flowing!

It's a triangle mania!

Then there are those with the mentality of, "If you can't beat 'em, laugh at 'em."

Haters are just jealous because laughing and smiling is too cool for school. But it's all about good times in college for these kids.

This is an example of a pas de don't.

If it's not working out, make it your own, like this thrupple!


The "Triangle Dance" can be anything you want, as long as it involves three people, right?

Knock yourselves out, intrepid dancers.

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