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Ted Cruz's New Book Title Is Getting Roasted For One Key Word—And We Can't Help But Laugh

The GOP Senator has a new book coming out in November aimed at liberals.

Ted Cruz
Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz announced he is releasing his new book on November 7, and it is already causing a buzz at his expense.

The staunch supporter of former Republican President Donald Trump elicited chuckles from his critics for the upcoming book's title, Unwoke: How to Defeat Cultural Marxism in America.

According to the tome's description:

"In a book both articulate and desperately needed, bestselling author Senator Ted Cruz provides a long overdue argument against the woke takeover of education, big business, the media, and Hollywood."

People couldn't get past the word "unwoke" in the title.

Cruz was likely chastizing the use of the slang term "woke"–colloquially used to express awareness of critical societal issues and facts–by coming up with a defiant response.

But it was a reach.

Social media users suggested that casual consumers glancing at the title might interpret "unwoke" as akin to being asleep.

On Twitter, a hilarious discussion ensued around Cruz's use of the clumsy word.

Cruz's expression on the cover's graphic was not safe from mockery.

Some users brought up his past indiscretion in February 2021, when he ditched his constituents for a mini-vacation during his state's winter storm crisis.

The roasting was amusingly relentless.


If only he would consider the alternative.

Based on the reactions, It's fair to assume many readers will "unflock" to bookstores this November for a copy of Cruz's book.