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Sheriff's Department Launches Investigation After School Police Officer Tased An Unruly Student For Breaking Dress Code

The officer has been reassigned pending the investigation.

Sheriff's Department Launches Investigation After School Police Officer Tased An Unruly Student For Breaking Dress Code
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An Ohio school resource officer is under investigation after tasing a student for a dress code violation in an incident local police say could have ended much differently if the student had just complied.

School officials said the unnamed 17-year-old student had just returned to the Wayne County Schools Career Center following a recent suspension.

When the student was cited for a dress code violation the school's dean of students, Bruce Woodruff offered him some clothes he could wear for the day or the option to have his parents bring some to the school.

The student then became verbally abusive and walked away, so Woodruff asked Deputy Matt Little, the school resource officer, to step in. That is when things got out of hand.

Sheriff's office investigating incident involving school resource officer,

According to Wayne County Sheriff's Office Captain Doug Hunter, Deputy Little did what he could to deescalate the situation, but the student would not comply.

"The young man was given numerous opportunities not to get into any trouble at all or be involved in any type of physical confrontation."

When Deputy Little tried to restrain him the student resisted, pulling away multiple times. After Little pulled out his taser he gave the student one more chance to comply, but the student reportedly threatened to punch the Deputy, so Little discharge his weapon.

In an interview with ABC 5 Captain Hunter supported Deputy Little's decision to use the taser.

"Had he not deployed the taser the situation could have escalated into a physical fight where potentially the risk of injury would be much greater than the taser. "

After the incident EMS was called to examine the student. They determined he was unharmed but Dainyelle Adams, the student's mother, is still considering pressing charges.

"It didn't have to escalate to that" Adams said in an interview with WKYC. "Things could have been handled differently."

Some on social media were shocked by Deputy Little's actions, viewing it as a dramatic overreaction to the situation. And a recent number of incidents between students and school officials stemming from dress code violations is leaving many to wonder what is going on in schools.

In this case though many felt the student had been given ample opportunity to comply with the school resource officer.

In an effort to be transparent the Wayne County Sheriff's office has requested an outside agency to review the incident. Deputy Little has been reassigned until the investigation is complete.

For now the student has been ordered to stay home. School officials will meet with his parents on Thursday to decide if he will be allowed to return.

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