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During the pandemic, many people have been working from home. Even the people that you wouldn't necessarily expect.

While our news has continued uninterrupted, what many may not realize is that a lot of our favorite on air personalities are working from the comfort of their homes, with green screens allowing them to retain the visuals we're used to.

But sometimes this means that our favorite on air personalities have their professional life invaded by their personal life.

The meteorologist on ABC affiliate KABC, Leslie Lopez, was in for a little surprise when her baby Nolan interrupted her weather forecast.

As she was delivering the weather report, her son can be seen crawling across the bottom of the screen. She doesn't notice for a moment, but when she does, she scoops him up for the world to see.

Many found it utterly adorable.

Some found the moment all too relatable.

And a lot of people wanted to see more moments like this.

Even when the pandemic ends, we hope these adorable moments stay.