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Olivia Wilde
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

It's pretty much the one and only rule when it comes to Western—cultures where the bride wearing white is traditional—wedding guest etiquette, other than keeping quiet at that "does anyone object" part.

Don't wear white to a wedding unless you're the bride.

But actor and director Olivia Wilde is a maverick who makes her own rules. So when it came time to attend the wedding of her friends Jordan C. Brown and former star of The Bachelor Colton Underwood, she decided to break with tradition in a major way.

Not only did Wilde wear white to the lavish affair, she took the whole thing a step further--she wore an actual wedding dress to the bash. And a lot of the internet is not having it.

See her look below.

In Wilde's defense, she did have a reason for wearing the dress beyond just trying to break with normal traditions. As she stated in her Instagram Story showing off the wedding gown by designer Nili Lotan:

"Wore a wedding dress to a wedding just so I could make a joke about it in my toast."

Wilde didn't reveal what the joke was, but she did go to on say in a subsequent Story that "the grooms approved."

And of course, given that Brown and Underwood's affair was a gay wedding for two men, there was no actual bride at the altar, so it's not like Wilde was exactly upstaging anyone coming down the aisle.

Still, much of the internet was not happy with Wilde's wedding attire choice.

Some were downright outraged.

But others didn't see what the big deal was.

May has been quite a month for Wilde when it comes to sartorial controversies. Earlier this month, her Met Gala look raised all sorts of eyebrows when Vogue China Editor-in-Chief Margaret Zhang arrived in the exact same dress. Oh well, can't win 'em all, right