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screenshot of Matt Laubhan's tornado coverage for WTVA; WTVA publicity still

Sometimes you have to bring a little humanity to your job.

That is what happened with Matt Laubhan, a meteorologist in Mississippi during a recent broadcast in which his updated tornado tracker showed a tornado bearing down on a small town.

In the clip below, Laubhan gets an updated live radar of the tornado he had been discussing and then folds over, putting his elbow on the table in sadness.

He then said a short prayer before getting right back to the report.

“Dear Jesus, please help them. Amen”

The tornado, he goes on to say, was tracking farther East than anticipated and would hit the town of Amory within the minute.

Since this aired, people praised Laubhan as a great meteorologist.

People were moved by his show of raw humanity in taking the moment to send up s short prayer.

Even those who don’t believe in prayer were impressed by his empathy and compassion.

Others commented on how visibly the knowledge of the new path of the tornado affected him.

Some commented we have more to pray for.

While Laubhan already had the trust of Mississippi’s populace, he now has their hearts.

In a time when some very vocal Christians are giving their faith a reputation of having a lack of compassion and empathy but an abundance of hate, Laubhan's sincere entreaty felt particularly poignant and pure.